The Challenge and the Opportunity

The Last Line of Defence is an Enonkishu Conservancy initiative.

The Last line of Defence campaign is a community led initiative that intends to conserve and protect the northern frontier of the world famous Serengeti – Mara Ecosystem; with potential to expand to provide a buffer-zone surrounding the entire ecosystem.

The Last line of Defence aim is to directly target the issues causing this crisis, by engaging in cattle management, adding value to cattle and opening market access, boosting ecosystem health and pastoralist opportunities. Learn more by visiting the website

This video highlights some of the issues conservancy faces and how Peach is working with the farmers to save our precious ecosystem:

Current threats:

  • On the northern frontiers of the Maasai Mara expanding small scale agricultural activities are progressively spreading southwards posing a significant threat to the fragile ecosystem.
  • Landowners are not receiving any revenue from their land, forcing them to subdivide and sell it to small scale farmers.
  • Without the conservancy operating, the wildlife has no value and is at constant risk of poachers and wildlife habitats are rapidly being lost through the clearing of bush and forests for small scale agriculture.

The way forward:

  • Enonkishu is playing a vital role in facilitating partnerships and capacity building with a variety of players to increase revenue to the landowning community through employment, ecotourism, honey production, profitable livestock production and marketing, beading projects and other potential opportunities such as tree planting and fundraising supported by Peach Pubs.
  • This revenue allows the landowners to keep their land as it is, and also to secure wildlife habitats on the fragile bufferzone of the ecosystem.