Our strategy has three key elements:

Focus our investment

Although we’d love to help absolutely everyone, we have set some criteria to ensure we achieve our ultimate vision and stay within our agreed funding parameters.

These are some of the ways in which we select and prioritise what projects the foundation will work on:

  • Each year we will ask each pub to nominate a Hero they would like us to support through the Superfood Salad 25p scheme.
  • Our focus will always be to identify individuals or groups who live our values and actively promote or work in one or more of the list below. This way we can ensure any volunteers from Peach Pubs can bring their expertise and skills to help projects alongside the funding:
    • Food Provenance – happy animals/tasty fruit and vegetables.
    • Healthy Eating – promoting better health in the community.
    • Sports Education – promoting and/or providing local sports facilitates for  all.
    • Planetary Hero – saving our planet one small step at a time.
  • Our work with the Enonkishu Conservancy will help fund the conservancy project in the North Mara with the aim of creating a sustainable conservancy for local land owners.

Work in partnership

We think it’s really important to work in partnership and have a clear structure for how this will work:

  • Right from the start we have set clear, mutually agreed, goals for all our projects.
  • Whilst we maintain a constant dialogue with our partners, we also ask for quarterly reports so we understand how things are going and can feed back to our team who have invested time and money into the agreed projects.
  • Our Local Heroes will change annually in order to benefit the local communities in different ways each year. However, on occasion some projects may extend into a second year.
  • We try to offer more than financial support to our projects. We hold pub events to support our Local Heroes, have regularly held Food Awareness Days at our Training Hub in Oxfordshire and took a group of Peach people to set up the Peach Hippo Sanctuary in Kenya at the end January 2014.
  • Enonkishu is long term project which we will support for the foreseeable future.
  • We are currently setting up a Peach Herd project to raise money to buy the Enonkishu community a herd which they will own to support the community. We hope to go in September 2017 to buy and deliver the cows.

Be wise with our money

Like any investment, we have to ensure that our money is being looked after. We have a few rules to make sure this happens:

  • We never commit to any project if we do not believe we will have the funds to see it through to its completion.
  • The funds are kept in high interest accounts until they are needed.
  • The Foundation will slowly build a capital base for the future.